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Trap Building

Learn to put meat on the table, and protect your interests from predators with our blend of modern and traditional trapping skills offered in our Trapping class. This class will teach you the skills to build, camouflage and set many different traps to catch secure wild animals for food and fur. Trapping is also one of the most efficient ways to gather food in a survival situation. The traps conserve your energy and hunt for you while you rest or work on other survival tasks. Students will learn the basics of trapping laws, animal behavior and much more.

During this course, you will gain the skills of:

  • Constructing deadfalls including the Paiute deadfall, its variations, and traps of our own design
  • Building snares, including the Graves bait stick snare and three variations of it
  • Techniques to funnel the animals into your traps
  • Finding good trapping grounds
  • Making spring pole traps, knots and nooses
  • Setting body gripping traps and leg hold traps

Students will learn the principles of animal trapping, animal behavior for many key species and baits. We will cover sign tracking as it applies to trap location, baiting and trap camouflage. This class harms NO animals and all local trapping laws are adhered to.

Each member of this class will receive a copy of Advanced Survival Training's manual on trapping.

The next date will be Sunday, May 21st, 2023 near Stafford, Va for $127 per person. Class times are 9 am to 4 pm.


Course Location: Near Stafford, Va. Detailed directions are emailed upon enrollment.

Required Equipment: Bag lunch and drinks for yourself, appropriate clothing and wet weather gear for the expected weather, a pocket knife (any kind) and a pen to take notes.

Recommended Equipment: Some seating is available at camp, but please bring a camp chair if you have one.

This course may also be scheduled privately for individuals and small groups, Monday thru Friday. Contact us for more details.

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