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Ultimate Survival Week

This very popular class is a combination of our 3 day Primitive Skills course and our Wilderness Survival 2 day course. This course combination gives you the best modern survival and bushcraft skills, along with the necessary primitive living skills that provide you with the ultimate back-up plan for survival. In this week of lessons, you will:

  • Learn the priorities of survival, both mental and physical
  • Build a tarp shelter and stay the night in it
  • Learn how to safely collect and purify water with several easy methods
  • Make fire in many ways, including optics – electrical – spark rods – and flint & steel
  • Learn bushcraft, camp skills and top survival tricks, like sharpening your knife on a rock
  • Build lethal traps, discover nutritious wild edibles and learn how to do survival fishing
  • Learn about survival kits, how to signal for help and how to avoid getting lost in the first place
  • Build a warm, dry shelter from natural materials with your bare hands
  • Identify water sources and have the skills to primitively disinfect the water
  • Begin your foundation in friction fire making skills
  • Identify rocks that you can make tools with, and then create those tools
  • Make string from the wild plants around you
  • Make stone and wooden containers for storage and cooking

We highly recommend that you take the whole week to get the full spectrum of modern and primitive survival skills. But for those who cannot make it to the whole week, there is the option to take just the Primitive Skills portion or Wilderness Survival portion of the week.

Each member of this class will receive a copy of Advanced Survival Training's manuals on primitive and modern survival. This class is held near Stafford, Va - Course tuition $697

The 2024 dates include:

July 22-26 (Monday through Friday)

November 9-13 (Saturday through Wednesday)

Course Location: Near Stafford, Va. Detailed directions are emailed upon enrollment.

Required Equipment: Food and drinks for yourself for five days, appropriate clothing and wet weather gear for the expected weather, a knife (fixed blade preferred), a tarp for shelter (6x8 or 8x10 feet, or some similar size), 100 feet of cord, sleeping bag and a pen to take notes.

Recommended Equipment: Some seating is available at camp, but please bring a camp chair if you have one. Personal camping gear like tents, stoves, lights and other gear are welcomed and encouraged.

More specific information and directions will be emailed to you unpon enrollment.


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